Leaf Blowers And Soil Erosion
. . . soil erosion is the most important form of soil degradation. We estimate that one-sixth of the world's soils have already been degraded by water and wind erosion. This has two important consequences: reduced ability of society to produce sufficient food due to loss of quality and depth of soils; and off-site pollution effects associated with erosion . . .
 European Cooperation in Scientific and Technical Research
. . . Wind speeds up to and exceeding two-hundred miles per hour blast our landscapes. Leaves are ripped from branches, new growth and developing flowers are damaged, and topsoil is blown away . . .

. . . nurseries and Extension Agents are receiving more plant samples from gardeners indicating a tornado or hurricane devastated their landscape plants. In most instances the winds are un-natural in origin. Leaf blowers are producing wind speeds with greater force than a hurricane . . .
 Steve Zien, Living Resources Company

The soil in this picture has been ground down to an almost stone-like texture that is devoid of topsoil, humus, and nutrients. All such nourishing elements in the soil have been blown away.

Eroded Sterile Blown Away Soil

Much wailing and gnashing of teeth goes on nation-wide and world-wide over “loss of topsoil”

People puzzle over “loss of topsoil” as if it were some mysterious force of nature like weather that is out of our control. The very framing of the phrase “loss of topsoil” makes it sound nice and passive, as if we were not involved in topsoil removal. But topsoil removal is a choice that people make.

People are being paid to blow away the topsoil and damage the vegetation, and that is a conscious choice made by the people who hire the “work” done . . .

In suburban and country areas, topsoil is not “lost”—as if somehow topsoil became misplaced in the manner of losing your wallet: the topsoil is, literally, “blown away” by two-hundred mile per hour blasts from noise bazookas. In many areas, no natural topsoil remains, and whatever is left is well on its way to laterite rock on which only lichen or moss can grow.

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The Obvious Conclusion . . .

To reduce this irresponsible destruction of your environment, you should
exercise your choice and eliminate leaf blowers from California.


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