Gasoline Powered Leaf Blowers Noise Pollution
. . . Noise is Stress and eventually the body gives in some way . . .
 Arline Bronzaft, Noise Specialist, City University of New York
. . . Americans are pounding their ears with gasoline-powered leaf blowers . . .
 US News and World Report
. . . For Sale: Beautiful House, Noisy Neighbourhood. Bargain At $1,999,999.95 . . .
 California Joke

Gasoline-powered leaf blowers spend up to eighteen hours per day generating noise pollution at noise levels exceeding World Health Organisation guidelines by factors of ten thousand or more.

This picture shows a Buffalo Turbine Cyclone leaf blower used in the War in Iraq. The United States military are using gasoline-powered leaf blowers to fight a war.

So Californians have been in a war zone this past thirty years? Well, that's what it's felt like with our urban terrorists and the invasion of the noise bazookas.

Noise Pollution from gasoline-powered leaf blowers is hazardous to your health.

Gasoline-powered leaf blowers and (to a lesser degree) electric-powered leaf blowers are a primary source of pervasive, high-volume long-duration noise in california and nation-wide, creating stress-related illnesses and leading to hearing loss.

There are thousands upon thousands of studies on the detrimental health effects of high-volume long-duration noise.

Gasoline-powered leaf blowers generate broad-spectrum noise at levels ranging from 85dB to as high as 105dB.

Gasoline-powered leaf blowers generate broad-spectrum noise that in country and suburban areas can carry from a quarter of a mile up to two miles.

Despite availability of allegedly “quieter” gasoline-powered leaf blowers, manufacturers do not phase out their older and noisier blowers, but continue to sell older, noisier, polluting models.

Despite availability of allegedly “quieter” gasoline-powered leaf blowers, blower operators refuse to use allegedly “quieter” gasoline-powered leaf blowers on the grounds they are “not as powerful” (for which you read, “not noisy enough”).

If power levels of gasoline-powered leaf blowers were truly correlated to their noise output as their operators seem to think, then by this same argument, a modern jet turbine aircraft such as the Boeing 787 ought to be a thousand times as noisy as a jet turbine aircraft of forty years ago. Instead, simple audio measurements (never conducted by the spin-meisters of the noise-making industry) show you that modern aircraft are a factor of almost seven hundred times quieter than older model aircraft. The new experimental SAX-40 “silent aircraft” is a factor of one-hundred-and-sixty times quieter than the average gasoline-powered leaf blower outside your front window.


In addition to fuel and energy wasted spewing raw unburned two-stroke fuel out through the barrel of the noise bazooka and boosting huge tonnages of dust into the air at two hundred miles per hour, yet more fuel and energy is wasted generating broad-spectrum, high-volume, long-duration NOISE.

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The Obvious Conclusion . . .

The obvious answer to this health-threatening, high-volume, long-duration, noise outside your front window is to
exercise your choice and eliminate leaf blowers from California.


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