Gasoline Powered Leaf Blowers Cumulative Spew
. . . the Kyoto Treaty and Gasoline-Powered Leaf Blowers Don't Jibe . . .
 Barbara Bova, Naples Daily News

Since the dawn of the pollution and noise age (the gasoline-powered leaf blower era) in California, ever-growing numbers of gasoline-powered leaf blowers have spewed ever-increasing annual amounts of raw unburned two-stroke fuel into your air and water.

The cumulative total raw unburned two-stroke fuel spewed into California air at two hundred miles per hour is now almost eight billion gallons.

Fixed-source/fixed location industries polluting on this scale would be shut down by regulators.

Cumulative Fuel Spew

That eight billion gallons of raw unburned two-stroke fuel spewed into the air has to go somewhere—it doesn't just disappear. It has been sprayed as finely divided aerosols into your suburban air, where it eventually comes down and settles on every surface, your dwellings, the ground (where it leaches into the soil), and washes down drains and into state waterways.

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The Obvious Conclusion . . .

The clear answer to this pernicious source of air and water pollution is to
exercise your choice and eliminate leaf blowers from California.


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