Leaf Blower Manufacturers
Corrupting Your Children
. . . In the spirit of fun and safe play, the John Deere company licensed its brand to a toy company to produce leaf blowers for children. It actually blows air . . .

Not only are the manufacturers of leaf blowers contributing to environmental pollution and noise, but now they are going after your children to promote environmental pollution and noise as playful . . .

Child Abuse

Do you really want your children growing up believing environmental pollution and noise is cute?


In any case, the noise-making industry are lying to you with this toy: the toy is not a faithful representation of the average gasoline-powered leaf blower. The toy is hand-operated by pulling a string to spin the “motor” and produce a breeze. As such, the toy produces no air pollution, and no noise to speak of.


To make this toy realistic, it needs a gasoline-powered engine (maybe the type that is used to power model airplanes) that spews thirty percent of its fuel all over the play room, blows dust all over the house, and emits noise at a minimum of 85 dB.

Contact Office Of The Governor
The Obvious Conclusion . . .

The clear answer to such subversive marketing is to
exercise your choice and eliminate leaf blowers from California.


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